Bye Blogger, and hello GitHub Pages

After over a month of work and 243 commits, Open Live Writer now has the ability to publish to static site blogs. And as such, I have decided to move my blog to a static Jekyll site, built and hosted on GitHub Pages. Open Live Writer works brilliantly with this setup, and in fact it’s how I’m authoring this post right now.

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Open Live Writer, Blogger and Google Drive now working


Photo: Open Live Writer running on Windows 10, taken at Docklands Melbourne. This image was published to this Blogger blog with Open Live Writer.

Beginning from the next release of Open Live Writer (0.6.3), Blogger users will now be able to successfully post images to their blogs again. After being affected by the issue myself in my own usage of the software, I took it upon myself to develop and deliver a fix. Today, Open Live Writer will, instead of uploading to Google Photos using the now non-functional Picasa API, upload to Google Drive, publicly link-share the photo, and then embed the direct URL to the image within your post. This all happens automatically from within Open Live Writer, there are no work-arounds or hacks at play.

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