Hobbyist computer programmer from Melbourne, Australia.

Currently studying a Diploma of Software Development.

Contributor to and member of Open Live Writer, .NET Foundation member.

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  • First Saturday of September

    Hi all. It’s been some time since my last post, and really I’ve been meaning to write more often. Life has been a blur the past few weeks, with my uni course, a new job and my work on Open Live Writer all underway and happening simultaneously, leaving not much time for really anything else. Right now however, I find myself on a replacement V/Line Traralgon coach after train services were suspended between Dandenong and Berwick, easily adding an extra hour or so onto my journey to my hometown to visit my parents for the weekend. Oh, and it’s raining – a perfect time to jot down some thoughts I guess.

    My work on Open Live Writer has been progressing steadily, albeit slowed by uni and work. Jon Galloway, from the .NET Foundation, has been in touch, supporting efforts towards preparing a new release. We intend to begin transitioning the project to MSIX, providing a much more stable and user-friendly installation experience, as well as resulting in just one package which is distributed through both the website and the Microsoft Store. It’s presented some trouble – with the technology being relatively new, and the Writer codebase being relatively old, I’ve been required to make various modifications to disparate parts of the codebase as to allow the project to even compile to MSIX. Currently I estimate the 0.7 release to be about one-to-two weeks away, but I’m not making any guarantees for the time being.

    It really is quite hard just to sit down and write. I began this post in Dandenong, and I’m nearly already at my destination of Moe, about a 50 minute journey by road coach. I collect rough dot-points for possible future post material in a OneNote notebook, but even then it takes a good few hours to transform any one of those into a fleshed-out blog post. Blogging is very much a skill that I can only assume will become easier with practice.

  • Hello there!

    Hello from .NET Meetup Melbourne!



  • Bye Blogger, and hello GitHub Pages

    After over a month of work and 243 commits, Open Live Writer now has the ability to publish to static site blogs. And as such, I have decided to move my blog to a static Jekyll site, built and hosted on GitHub Pages. Open Live Writer works brilliantly with this setup, and in fact it’s how I’m authoring this post right now.


  • Insider Dev Tour ‘review’

    On Friday I attended Microsoft’s ‘Insider Dev Tour’ in Melbourne, one of about 44 similar events being held around the world throughout the month of June. Microsoft advertised the event as being ‘for developers interested in building Microsoft 365 experiences (…) today, using the latest dev technologies, as well as for those who want a peek into the future,’ and it was completely free to attend. Hosted at the offices of Xello, a Melbourne-based IT consultancy company, the event was all day, running from the hours of 8 to 5, and had food and coffee provided.

    I was fairly excited when I heard about the event, having being recently drawn in to the Windows desktop development ecosystem through my involvement in the Open Live Writer project. I wasn’t going in with any particular agenda on things I would’ve liked to learn, but rather I was just curious as to how the whole day would play out and if I’d pick up any nifty skills. I’ve never been to any kind of developer conference before, so really this would’ve been a first for me.


  • A few thoughts on the recent Moe bus re-timetabling

    Photo: LVBL Volvo B5L bus outside the Latrobe City Moe Library and Service Centre. Photo Credit: Volvo
    Photo: LVBL Volvo B5L bus outside the Latrobe City Moe Library and Service Centre. Photo Credit: Volvo

    Roughly two years ago, PTV completely overhauled the bus network in the Latrobe Valley, operated by Latrobe Valley Bus Lines. Amongst other changes, the new routes and timetables split the Newborough loop out of the Moe to Traralgon trunk route (Route 1), thus creating two local Newborough routes (Route 14 and the new 15), as well as streamlining Route 1 to run more reliably, regularly, and for longer hours. Whilst many Newborough locals were opposed to the changes, I personally found them to be of considerable improvement. The new Route 15 provided service where there previously was none, and the Route 1 streamlining meant you could get to Morwell from Moe/Newborough in roughly 15 minutes, and Traralgon in around 35.

    Even though I spend most of my time nowadays in Melbourne, the bus network in the Latrobe Valley still remains of considerable importance to me. It’s how I got around when I lived there, and now it’s how I get around when I’m in the area visiting family or friends. As such I have been able to generate an array of opinions on how the service is run, with most of them not being positive. I’ve communicated before, both to LVBL and PTV, about the various faults I find in the operation of the service; such as the lack of timely connections to trains Moe Station, or Route 1 buses arriving late into Moe Bus Interchange with local town routes departing before the Traralgon bus arrived. Writing to LVBL simply resulted in them asking me to redirect my complaint to PTV, and writing to PTV garnered basically no tangible response to my concerns; they simply stated that they’d keep my concerns in mind rather than opening a dialogue.

    So understandably, I was both excited and hesitant when I heard that PTV are due to enact a new set of bus timetables for the Latrobe Valley on the 23rd of June. Would we finally see a more logical set of routes and timetables for Moe, with proper connections with trains and other bus routes, or would we see just a general expansion to service with the same faults still present?