(Unofficial) Ivory App Beta FAQs

I’m very excited about the new Mastodon app Ivory by Tapbots, who are the same people behind the popular third-party Twitter app Tweetbot. As of early January 2022, the app is currently in closed beta and is already very polished—with many calling for it to be released as a public beta immediately! By borrowing much of it’s foundation from Tweetbot, it shares the same quality and polish that Tapbots is known for—driving an impressive amount of hype behind this app with 1000-slot TestFlight releases often exhausting in under 15 seconds.

With no official website up yet, and information about the app scattered all over Mastodon and other places, I thought it would be nice to chuck together an unofficial FAQ. I’ll be covering some questions surrounding the app that the community has asked, and that Tapbots developers have answered, whether it be through the official @ivory account or their own. Mainly, this is to satisfy my own curiosity, however I don’t doubt that others may find it interesting too.

If I’ve missed anything, feel free to toot at me on @nick@melb.social. I’ve linked to the source @ivory toots in the parenthesis so that the full context around the original question can be ascertained.

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