Bye Blogger, and hello GitHub Pages

After over a month of work and 243 commits, Open Live Writer now has the ability to publish to static site blogs. And as such, I have decided to move my blog to a static Jekyll site, built and hosted on GitHub Pages. Open Live Writer works brilliantly with this setup, and in fact it’s how I’m authoring this post right now.


Windows Live Writer was made open-source as Open Live Writer in 2015. It saw a short burst of community activity initially, but not really much since then. Whilst contributions have tapered off, the “fan-base” certainly has not – Open Live Writer still sees a lot of usage in the blogging community to this day. I’m hoping that the static site support brings a new momentum into the project, encouraging other developers to get their hands dirty and add their own features and fixes. This project has a truly fascinating story, and for me at-least, is an absolute joy to work on.

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