Due to the ongoing pandemic effectively shutting down most of the world as of present, I, like many others find myself with an abundance of free time. Going into this circumstance, I was optimistic. As a software developer, both in career and hobby, one would assume that I would have no issue at all keeping myself busy. And on paper, this would be true - however I think not many people, myself included, could’ve guessed what a toll being stuck inside, alone, has on one’s mental health. Overall and with few exceptions, I’ve found it quite hard to remain motivated. I hope that things will get better with time.

Moving along, I’ll quickly recap what’s occurred in my life over the past few months.

  • Graduated* from my Diploma of Software Development course at Swinburne. (*: no ceremony yet due to coronavirus)
  • Entered into the role of Lead Software Developer for Automation Acoustics Pty Ltd.; a startup developing a welding process monitoring solution.
  • Switched from a 2015 MacBook Pro to a Surface Book 2. A much needed and appreciated upgrade.
  • Began moving away from music streaming to music ownership. Give me foobar2000 and an iPod over Spotify any day.
  • Animal Crossing, one of the few things keeping me sane as of late.

Last time I wrote, Open Live Writer was a big part of my life outside of work. I feel like I owe an update in those regards. Since my workload at work began increasing, I’ve very much had less and less time and energy to dedicate towards work on open source and Live Writer. I do wish that I could have more time to put towards the project; to both review pull requests, add features and modernize the codebase. One of my goals over this shutdown is to get stuck back into the project.

As for this blog, I’m currently writing this post in VS Code and Markdown for a change of pace. Usually I would use Live Writer, but my installation is currently a bit broken, as well as the fact I couldn’t really see the need to use it for a light post such as this one.

I do have some ideas for more posts kicking around however, so I’ll put my self under an informal obligation right now to get at least one post out a week. We’ll see how this goes 😅