Hi all. It’s been some time since my last post, and really I’ve been meaning to write more often. Life has been a blur the past few weeks, with my uni course, a new job and my work on Open Live Writer all underway and happening simultaneously, leaving not much time for really anything else. Right now however, I find myself on a replacement V/Line Traralgon coach after train services were suspended between Dandenong and Berwick, easily adding an extra hour or so onto my journey to my hometown to visit my parents for the weekend. Oh, and it’s raining – a perfect time to jot down some thoughts I guess.

My work on Open Live Writer has been progressing steadily, albeit slowed by uni and work. Jon Galloway, from the .NET Foundation, has been in touch, supporting efforts towards preparing a new release. We intend to begin transitioning the project to MSIX, providing a much more stable and user-friendly installation experience, as well as resulting in just one package which is distributed through both the website and the Microsoft Store. It’s presented some trouble – with the technology being relatively new, and the Writer codebase being relatively old, I’ve been required to make various modifications to disparate parts of the codebase as to allow the project to even compile to MSIX. Currently I estimate the 0.7 release to be about one-to-two weeks away, but I’m not making any guarantees for the time being.

It really is quite hard just to sit down and write. I began this post in Dandenong, and I’m nearly already at my destination of Moe, about a 50 minute journey by road coach. I collect rough dot-points for possible future post material in a OneNote notebook, but even then it takes a good few hours to transform any one of those into a fleshed-out blog post. Blogging is very much a skill that I can only assume will become easier with practice.