I've been trying out various web RSS readers recently, or just RSS in general I guess. Here are my thoughts:
  • Content providers should provide more than a sentence through the feed. I won't click through to your site if you've only given me twenty words, but I probably wouldn't click through if you gave me the full article either. Images are nice too.
  • There are a substantial lack of decent free RSS readers for OS X.
  • I was using feedly for a while (read; one day), but then quickly switched to Inoreader. Inoreader seems to be a little slower than feedly, but in my opinion has better UI all-round. I especially like the three-column view on the desktop.
  • I just wish more people and sites provided RSS feeds.
It seems nowadays that RSS is disappearing due to the rise of social platforms like Twitter and Reddit, but I still want to believe that it's useful. Blogging platforms like Tumblr, WP and Blogger providing RSS feeds by default definitely helps.